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Student Testimonials

FEEDBACK FROM : Mohammed Raseel, Project Engineer

  Mohammed Raseel, Project Engineer  +974 5043 0701  Dinesh R M

Hello everyone, 



I am going to share my journey and lesson learned of PMP in short.

Firstly, My training ,taken by Mr Dinesh, was very helpful because he explained the process flow very easily and smoothly and it was very effective. Understanding process flow is one of the most important things for passing your PMP. 

I would like to say about the books I studied. I studied two books basically, Rita malcahy and pmbook . First, I read rita malcahy from first to last because initially when i started out to study pmbook , I did not understand anythings from pmbook, and i was feeling i could never pass pmp,  so i start to read rita malcahy book . it helped me lot to understand the main concept. once, it is finished  then I start to read pmbook. it was very much easy to understand pmbook after reading rita malcahy book. I also used  Youtube, Google, Head fast books to be clear some specific tropics that I did not understand from either Rita or pmbook. My main intention was to clear my  concept about every tools and technique , documents and plan, how they are being used, how they are being connected with each other. 

Regarding practice question  ,I practiced  questions from TEAMACADEMY.net , rita malcahy books , and head fast books. I also practiced online free questions . Different kinds of source of questions helped me to find my knowledge gap to answering the questions, and finally it worked for me.

 Now I am going to share my exam hours. When exam was started,initial 5 to 10 questions was seems to be very difficult . It may be due to the tension. Then I was feeling  relaxed as I knew how  to deal different kinds of situation during my simulation exam.  I trained my brain during my simulation exam. It would be tougher to give 4 hours exam if I did not practice 4 hours simulation exam in my home,So, it is better to take some simulation exam in the home, so you will know better  how to deal with any kinds of situations. 

Exam questions was not neither easier not that much difficult, but you must think every questions. There was no direct questions. One of the Most challenging things was to keep patience and head cool all 4 hours. 

I have faced lots of question from RISK, PROCUREMENT, RESOURCE , SCHEDULE,  COST and combined questions from  COMMUNICATION AND STAKEHOLDER . A number of questions came from BUSINESS DOCUMENT. 

I did not face any single direct questions about what is input , output or tools and techniques of any process. Allmost all questions was situational.   

Questions length was around 2 lines. Very few questions was around 3 lines. I have faced 4 to 5 mathematics related questions , and all are emv related, and I have faced some interpretational questions like what is the meaning of SPI 0.98 or something like that. There was many questions about change management related also. There was another types question like what you should do after this or that . for example, what will be your best course of action after signing of project charter approval. I faced very few questions from quality management.

Questions pattern was like what could have been done to prevent this situation, what is the best course of action , what is the first things pm should do, where you will refer this etc etc.

I would like to suggest that please give more focus on initiation and closing. I was thinking I might fail in closing and initiation although I scored above target in closing and target in initiation finally, but I was worried during exam time. I feel that this 2 process area are very risky. In Others  3 process area , there is lot of questions and you can recover if you make some mistakes also . This is just my thought though. Hopefully this information will be helpful.

Thank you very much.

FEEDBACK FROM : Mohammed , Project Engineer

  Mohammed , Project Engineer  +974 5029 1466  Dinesh R M


Yesterday i pass my PMP exam above target. I started my study in beginning of April after i completed the course with Mr. Dinesh. 

First of all i would like to thank my instructor Mr. Dinesh for the interested PMP course which was provided by him.

I watched free video in YouTube for Eng. Sayed Mohsen (PM-tricks in arabic) at the start and I like the way how he is simplifying the PMP study. I decided to buy the course (Exam questions only). 

I started watching the videos and i understood the PMP, then i read the PMBOk for the first time i took a lot of notes. Every chapter i read it i solved the related questions (60-100 questions per chapter) and i pass almost of the chapter exams successfully also I solved the green book.

I checked my mistakes carefully and i started the 5 full exams (200 questions) and my average was 70-80%.

I read the PMBOK for second time (Only my notes) and i solved the exams twice, my average 90-95%. 

I scheduled my exam on 7/7/2020 but due to some error and after i was waiting for one and half hour i did not attend the exam. After 6 days i got an email from PMI stating that i can schedule my exam for free. My exam was yesterday i got my PMP above target. 

What I remember from the questions:

  • 3 questions about (project status- ahead of schedule over budget)
  • Quality (if you have consider the estimate cost of nonconformance is more than the quality error cost )
  • Schedule diagram A-B-C-D-E answer was 17.
  • One question about the contract plus fixed fee, the cost of was 60000 and the fixed fee was 5000 so answer was 65000.
  • 2 questions about kick of meeting 
  • 3 questions about the project charter
  • Many questions about the change request
  • Many questions about the communication management plan
  • 1 question about stakeholder with no power and have interest-Keep informed
  • Generate idea—– brainstorming
  • Best practice —– Benchmarking
  • 2 questions about type of contract
  • If you are using the fixed price contract what type of estimation—–Bottom up estimation
  • One question about analogous estimation—estimation using historical information
  • Pert calculation (most likely 5 weeks, optimistic 3weeks pessimistic 7weeks so answer is 5 weeks)

FEEDBACK FROM : Nidal Qassim, Project Engineer

  Nidal Qassim , Project Engineer    +974 5535 4217  Dinesh R M

In brief 

I study head first 2 time 

PMP book 1 time 

I practise alot of question like head first , Oliver lehman , whizlabs, christopher scordo book 1000+ question recommended , also i practise team academy question .

For Exam : 

  • Question was short 
  • Situational 
  • Maximum 10 question test the memory .
  • Limited time .
  • Crtical path question and cost was straight forward.  More question for Risk .


FEEDBACK FROM : Hamza , PWC consultant

  Hamza , PWC consultant  +974 5049 2949  Dinesh R M

Hi Guys, Dinesh has asked me to share my experience and approach to preparation and hopefully it proves to be helpful to you all:

I made a PMI account and reached filled an application form provided by TEAM ACADEMY. Then they took care of submitting my application. Once my application was accepted, I paid for pmi membership and the exam. At this point I selected the date that I wanted to give the exam on.

In terms of studying, I spent about 2 weeks preparing for it. I spent about 3 hours everyday. I used the slides shared to us by Dinesh for review of material. I think if you grasped the general concept in class, then you do not need PMBOK or even Rita imo to study from and the slides shoukd suffice as revision. 

After reviewing each chapter from the slides, I did the questions for that chapter in Rita. I followed Dinesh’s rule that if I scored over 70% in a chapter, I wouldn’t consider the need to study it extensively from PMBOK or Rita.

If you Google for pmp questions, there are many websites with sample questions. I practiced about 200 questions from random websites – I felt these questions were easier than the actual exam.

On the last day, I went through all the knowledge areas and processes and skimmed through the inputs, tools & techniques and outputs for each. If you Google, you can find excel sheets with this info accumulated. I also memorized the formulas.

The exam itself took me 2.5 hours to finish + review. I felt there were alot of questions associated with change requests, and also stakeholder mgmt. I didn’t get any question in floats or precedence diagrams and maybe 2 or 3 questions where calculations were required. Overall I wouldn’t call the exam easy but neither too difficult but it is important to read the questions carefully as I realized some questions were tryna trick you as we have seen in some questions that we practiced in class.

I did quite well in the planning, execution and monitoring/control questions but struggled with initiating and closing related questions. I specifically felt that the initiating related questions were not straight forward.

Just to reiterate, my biggest advice would be that if you felt like you understood what was going on in class ( even if you don’t remember it anymore ) just revise from the slides and practice questions from Rita and then look at some online material.

Sorry for any typos and I hope this helps. If you guys have any specific questions, feel free to ask me 🙂

FEEDBACK FROM : Nisar Mustafa , Project Engineer

  Nisar Mustafa, Project Engineer  +974 55485749    Dinesh R M

Very helpful and very clear. Course content is very good, covering all processes with clear explanations. Dinesh is an excellent instructor.

Date : 19-07-2020

PMP exam result : Pass


 FEEDBACK FROM : Venkata Vijay Y, Planning Engineer

  Venkata Vijay Y, Planning Engineer  +974 66465546  Dinesh R M


EXAM PASS DATE : 04-Aug-2020


Hello everyone, I am going to share my journey and lesson learned of PMP in short. Firstly, I was trained by Mr. Dinesh, his training & experience in explaining the insightful knowledge about the core Project Management concepts was very helpful for me to easily understand the concept of all Process Groups, Knowledge Areas and Processes for me to pass the PMP. After completing my training I had 20 days before I took the Exam, my plan went like this, 10 days each day 1 Knowledge Area from RITA book and the next 10 days was mock taking mock up tests. I did exactly as I planned & it workout for me. I would like to say about the books I studied. I studied two books basically, RITA & HEAD FIRST PMP. First, I read RITA from first to last because initially when I started out to study PMBOOK, I did not understand anything from PMBOOK and I was feeling I was bit low & worried, so I start to read RITA book as suggested by my trainer Mr. Dinesh. It helped me lot to understand the core concepts for the each Knowledge Area, Exam tips in RITA book are very helpful. Once, it is finished then I started taking mockup tests from HEAD FIRST PMP & then read PMBOOK for ITTO’s (Inputs, Tools & Techniques). Then I started practicing questions chapter wise from different free sources from Google & then started giving mock tests with stop watch by my side considering to calculate the time I take to attempt the answer since time is very important for the exam point of view. Here are the few links below where I practiced my mock tests & I didn’t buy any website for taking mock tests online.



Exam Pattern as below:

1st part = 89 questions. Optional 10 mins. break once your finish the 89th Question. 2nd part = 111 questions.

Please note that you can’t review the part 1 once you have moved to part 2. So please manage your review time accordingly.

Questions I Faced in Exam:

· 2-3 Questions – Critical Path & Float Network Diagram

· 6-7 Questions – Procurement

· 3-4 Questions – Quality

· 2-3 Questions – Earned Value Calculation

· 2-3 Questions – Scope

· Many questions are related to Changes, Stakeholders and Risk.

· All the questions are situational and none are directly from any of the books/simulators. Read the question carefully & understand clearly before you attempt them.

· First 2-3 Questions make me little tensed since I felt tough & eventually I understood that I was in little tension and then I calm down took a deep breath and then bit relaxed and started to attempt with cool mind and focused on the question.

· Please make sure to keep a time track.

Wish you all the very best.

Best Regards,


FEEDBACK FROM : Kamrul, Project Engineer

  Kamrul  +974 55268027  Dinesh R M

I would like to share my journey of PMP certification.

Exam preparation: First of all the credit goes to our respected trainer in Team Academy, Mr. Dinesh who helped to develop our concept of various process group and its transition from one to another. At the beginning I read Rita book as it is more descriptive to understand the T & T. Later I started to read PMBOK throughout. Besides I solved a lot of questions from Rita simulation and some online free questions. The main focus should be given to the PMBOK and few topics from Rita which are not available in PMBOK in detail like integration area, leadership styles, team development, Procurement contracts and mathematical solutions. I would prefer to read knowledge area wise first and then process group wise prior to exam. I would emphasize to bring all management plan and project documents in one area and note down their different uses in different processes as input or output.  I would recommend to follow one book mainly because there is different concept and writing style for each book.

Exam Experience: Firstly everyone has be determined to sit 4 and half hours continuously(including online registration) in one place in case of proctored exam(exam from home) which I felt very challenging. I got a lot of of questions from change request, Risk management specially conflict solution, RBS, The closing process group I faced difficulty. Few mathematical questions (5/6) came from cost management which was simple. Most of the question was like there is a description of a situation and what PM will do next/best solution/first?

FEEDBACK FROM : Muktarabbas, Project Engineer

  Muktarabbas, Project Engineer  +974 50253286  Dinesh R M

Alluhumdulilah I have earned my PMI credential today and I wanted to thank Mr. Dinesh and his team in particular for their support. Question & Answer session helped me to earn my PMI credential. I would recommend everyone to participate in the Q & A session. In this way, you can test and prepare yourself before the exam. I wish you guyz all the good luck.

Thank you, Mr. Dinesh, because of your support, it was all possible. Your lectures, Headfirst, and Q&A sessions were really enough for me to pass the test. It’s been a wonderful journey with you.

FEEDBACK FROM : Chithirai, Project Engineer

  Chithirai, Project Engineer  +974 3354 6956  Dinesh R M


Dear All ,

I am very glad and excited to get my PMP credential today. Thanks to Dinesh , TA LMS portal and the wonderfull Q & A Session arranged from Team Academy. I had been preparing for the last 1.5 months and followed lecutres from Dinesh , i followed Briandumps website , PMBOK & LMS portal. There are plenty of questions from Change Management , applying tools & techniques. 2 to 3 questions from EVM. Quality management 5 to 7 questions. Communications and stakeholder management plenty of question.Few from Agile and all Questions were two lines and not so complicated. Thanks Again to Dinesh , His Q & A Session , LMS support and mainly motivation and support till i passed. Kudos.

You may contact me via WA so that i can help you give some insights

Regards. Chitharavelu Subbaiah.

FEEDBACK FROM : Abraiz Khan , Project Engineer

 Abraiz Khan , Project Engineer  ++974 7760 3456  Dinesh R M


Dear All,

I’m extremely thankful to this group for the daily questions and specifically to Dinesh Sir for his guidance, lectures and continuous empowering attitude . Honestly, I did not go too much into the PMBOK and focused more on the practice exams on LMS and Brain dumps. Thank you all for the support and well wishes

FEEDBACK FROM :  Praveen Mohan , Project Engineer

 Praveen Mohan , Project Engineer  +974 5534 6403  Dinesh R M


Dear all,

I passed the exam today. Many thanks to Dinesh and team and to all the alumni members for their WhatsApp group discussions and inputs. It was very motivating.
Also, Dinesh, I would like to highlight the fact that your video lessons helped me a lot, even more than the mock exam questions. Hats off to your dedication and support. Thanks again.

FEEDBACK FROM :   Naveed Shah , Project Engineer

 Naveed Shah , Project Engineer +974 5048 3619  Dinesh R M


Thanks Mr. Dinesh.
I have successfully pass the pmp exam.
It was tough but luckily with ur guidance and teaching i was able to clear it on 1st attempt

FEEDBACK FROM :   Camille Relevo , Project Engineer

 Camille Relevo , Project Engineer +63 917 730 1944  Dinesh R M


Hello guys! Today I cleared my PMP exam! 3ATs, 1 T and 1 BT (closing ugghhhh).?
I wouldn’t let this day end without thanking Dinesh and this family that Team Academy has built. This maybe lengthy but I would like to share with you guys my journey.

BACKGROUND: I decided to take the exam in September 2020. PMP is not so popular here in the Philippines but I appreciated its worth (being a PM of a small manufacturing company here in the Philippines) and what it can do to my career. So, I joined Team Academy in September. I honestly felt skeptical at first since I’ll be attending the class remotely but Dinesh made me feel like I’m no different from the rest of the class. He made online learning very engaging. I was attending the class 12MN-3AM MNL time by the way. During this whole journey, sleep was not really my friend. LOL!

STUDY PATTERN (This may not work for everybody but it did for me.): As soon as I completed the TA class, that was the only time that i opened the PMBOK. I finished it in 3 weeks, cover to cover. I then started reading Rita’s PMP Prep – making sure that I answered the practice exams. It took me another 2-3 weeks to finish the book. Just last week, I began answering the mock exams from the LMS Portal. For each of my weak point, I turn to my TA notes, PMBOK / Rita and this time, also HeadFirst (although I didn’t really read the entire book). 2 days ago, I answered PrepCast Mock Exam #1. I was also a quiet participant of the Q&A in this group. 🙂

PRE-EXAM : Did I ever feel like I was ready? NO! NEVER!
When I scheduled the exam on the 25th of Nov. I felt that I wasn’t ready but still I had to schedule it before Christmas so I can at least enjoy the holiday season. I knew it would motivate me to push harder once the exam is scheduled.

Last night, around 6PM I decided to stop studying. There were still some areas I was weak at but I just needed to stop, BELIEVE IN MYSELF and to TRUST THE PROCESS.

EXAM: I found the exam easier that Rita’s practice tests and much closer to the questions on LMS and PrepCast. I remember answering about 10-15 questions on Agile, 20 questions on Change Management, 10-15 on Risks, 2-3 questions on Critical Path Method, about 5 questions on Earned Value BUT no calculations at all. Questions are 2-3 liner. There were also questions on T&T but the questions themselves, once read carefully would already give you a hint of what tool is being referred to.

The entire experience has been nerve-wracking and exciting. When I saw the Congratulations blah-blah I literally cried (quietly of course). Those were tears of exhaustion, stress, lack of sleep, disbelief and HAPPINESS.

I’ve been motivated and inspired by other success stories so I know I have to give back to this community by sharing my story too. I pray and hope that you all pass the PMP exam and be more successful in your careers.

FEEDBACK FROM : Satya Vara Prasad, Project Engineer

  Satya Vara Prasad, Project Engineer+974 3303 0978  Dinesh R M

Hello All. New year started with a big success..? I got cleared PMP exam yesterday…Thanks Dinesh for your support..

FEEDBACK FROM : Dixon, Project Engineer

  Dixon, Project Engineer+974 5032 3427  Dinesh R M

Thanks God for his grace. And to Mr. Dinesh, team academy and to all alumni members…Myself and Mr Dinesh met in a car sale deal.. though that deal didn’t workout..I achieved with this great achievement with his guidence.. ☺️?..thanks to all once again.

FEEDBACK FROM : Shahnawaz, Project Engineer

Shahnawaz, Project Engineer+974 3338 6432  Dinesh R M

Thanks everyone.

This made possible due to Mr. Dinesh, LMS, and prepcast.

Mr. Dinesh teaching methodology and support was outstanding.

I can not forget level of support During application process by him.

Apart from Dinesh Classes, I read only Headfirst cover to cover and practice questions from Headfirst, Rita, prepcast.

Thanks again Mr. Dinesh and Team academy.


FEEDBACK FROM : Gittern, Project Engineer

Gittern Hiba, Project Engineer+974 3338 6432  Dinesh R M

Good morning guys,
I just cleared my exam and earned my PMP.
Thank u all for this valuable group and special thanks to Mr. Dinesh for his continuous support

FEEDBACK FROM : Navaneeth, Project Engineer

Navaneeth , Project Engineer+974 5030 2669  Dinesh R M

Hi Everyone,
I am so glad to inform you all that i have received my PMP credential. (4AT,1T)?
I am thankful to Sir Dinesh & Team acadamy for the excellent training and interactive sessions and for the resources provided in the LMs.

I am Thankful to Mr. Dharmesh and Mr. Faisal for sharing their support and resources and to this WhatsApp group.

For the examination most of the questions were situational based with role of Project Manager as;
• What the project Manager should do?
• What should have done to avoid this?
• Which plan / document the project manager should refer to?
Apart from this I had around 5 to 6 problematic questions based on SPI, CPI, EV.
One Question to find the float and two questions to find the critical path. ( please flag it and do it last) and i had around 20-25 questions from agile. I find questions were mostly focused from communication, stakeholder, quality, and closing. Especially from stakeholder management and communication management there were many confusing questions.

*While preparing don’t waste much time for ITTO’s , ( have a clear idea about the flow) and try to grasp only the key inputs and outputs, and also try to relate how the outputs are interlinked with other process group.
Its better to practise as much as questions rather than reading too many books.

Please concentrate only on PMBOOK, Rita or Head First. Practicing in Prepcast and LMS will give a clear idea how the questions will come and how mistakes are made by us. Do as many questions as you can while preparing for the exam.

I followed headfirst for understanding the concepts and solved the questions from Rita and watched videos from LMS to get more clarity on the topics.

All the very best for everyone who is going to attend the exams. ??

FEEDBACK FROM : Mohammed Raffi, Project Engineer

Mohammed Raffi , Project Engineer+974 7065 0786  Dinesh R M

Dear All. I have passed my PMP by God’s Grace and the help of Team Academy and the help of group members.
I was not an active member in this group but i collect all feedbacks and ideas of our group member.
Thanks to All.