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Qatar Job Market: Top 5 Potential opportunities for PMPs

  1. Chances of securing contracts from Government organizations is very high when the PM & their Leads are PMP Certified, most of the entities in Qatar has made PMBOK as their guidelines & standard terms of reference.
  2. Since NOC is not required, there is a potential surge in Head hunting in local market. having PMP will make you competitive.
  3. More than the traditional MBA or MCA qualifications PMP is the preferred skill set for Recruiters currently.
  4. Approx. there are 1 Million PMPs Vs 17 Million Job requirements, The ratio is almost 1 : 17 , Due to the high demand and low supply of PMP skilled professionals the chances of promotion is enhanced with a PMP certification.
  5. Qatar has more & more international business acquisitions & projects are now being awarded to Qatar organizations from another region. the trend is spiking especially in Ports management, Oil & Gas and Even in IT. To be qualified for such international projects, Recruiters are specifically targeting to hire PMP certified Project Professionals.