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Level up: How PRINCE2 can help small businesses

Level up: How PRINCE2 can help small businesses

All too often we hear SMEs question whether PRINCE2 is right for them. After all, small businesses may believe their tight knit teams will not benefit from the formal process. For start-ups training is a big investment both in terms of time and money, and some of the terminology used can more often apply to and suit larger businesses. But for companies with ambition and those seeking to level up their business, PRINCE2 is the perfect solution.

At first glance PRINCE2 may not seem relevant for small projects but look closer and you’ll see that PRINCE2 is cleverly designed to be scaled up or down to suit any size project. Roles can be merged, and principles can be easily adapted. PRINCE2 grows with you.

What can PRINCE2 do for my business?

Small businesses with fewer people may rarely see communication as an issue. Teams work tightly together and there are little to no external contacts. Likewise, everyone knows their position and their job role. Or do they? All too often issues arise within small teams due to assumptions being made, roles not being communicated and individuals not announcing responsibility.

With PRINCE2, roles and responsibilities are defined, and communication is better structured. The process of formally setting out roles and responsibilities is relatively easy within small businesses. Take for example senior business roles, whilst the terminology of PRINCE2 refers to corporate or programme level managers, this can be merged for a small business as it is likely just a single person – the business owner. Becoming well acquainted with the process of defining responsibilities from the get-go can serve a business as it grows.

Likewise, the project stages within the PRINCE2 framework can be merged. Start-up and initiation can readily become one, allowing them to be completed with ease. The PRINCE2 processes are adaptable for smaller projects. Becoming trained in best practices whilst the business is small ensures terminology and principles are familiar and are used as the organisation expands. You can find more advice on adapting PRINCE2 for smaller projects in this earlier blog.

PRINCE2 ensures quality project outcomes, improves efficiencies, and is proven to be a highly effective project management method. It gives companies a common and consistent approach, and assurance that the project continues to have justification. PRINCE2 is completely scalable and can be tailored on a project-by-project basis, making it invaluable for small businesses looking to level up.

Is PRINCE2 right for me?

In short, yes. If you are looking to grow and expand your business, take on more work, or undergo bigger projects then the PRINCE2 methodology can be of great benefit. Likewise, if you are shooting to make your current projects the best possible success to enhance your reputation and boost your future business then PRINCE2 training can help you to thrive.

Look at our Foundation level course which is perfectly suited to small business owners and managers, team managers and project support staff. Available as a virtual, classroom or online course. The foundation level literally builds knowledge of PRINCE2 from the ground up.

Looking for a deeper learning experience? Then look at our PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner combined courses. Again, available in virtual, classroom and online format, the combined PRINCE2 course will fully qualify you.

Guidance on setting up, and running, a PRINCE 2

The flagship product for TEAM ACADEMY is offering courses on Project Management , We are the trusted experts in training professionals to appear for their PRINCE 2 exam and to enable them clear their exams in the first attempt. 

Our LMS portal has sufficient materials , quiz , slides , assignments and case studies that allows the learner to make decisions on strategic project management in a logical manner and be able to clear the PMP and PMO exam as well. 

Talk to our personal counsellor to get advise on how you can learn from TEAM ACADEMY to clear the exam in the first attempt.  

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The portfolio, programme, project office (P3O) methodology sets out best practice for programme and project management offices. TEAM ACADEMY has established a PMO community of interest for Qatar public sector practitioners. (https://teamacademy.net/course/pmp-live-online-classroom/)

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