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Supply Chain Management - From Basics to Advanced.

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Supply Chain Management Basics to Advanced Course.

TEAM ACADEMY proudly presents the course on Supply Chain Management , this course will be led by an instructor with 17+ years of hands on experience in supply management from strategic implementation till objective governance on the process and tools.

Delivery Method : Online Classroom training through our TEAM ACADEMY LMS portal.

The course includes practical walk through on the different functions involved in SCM and how to implement the same using industry best platform tools like Oracle , Dynamics 365 Or custom ERP as adapted by the organisation. At the end of this course the learner will be equipped to prepare for CIPS , CPSM , CSCP , ORACLE SCM or other industry best certifications.

This course will prepare you to become an expert in understanding the functional logic’s in supply chain management , tool , techniques and technologies used for accomplishing an organisations inventory & resource management objectives. Future proof your career by expanding your knowledge into Supply Chain Management, one of the most in demand skills in today’s Corporate market.

  • Understand the core concepts of supply chain logistic
  • Execute, end to end logistic processes and transactions in ERP tools. 
  • Apply some of the Best Practices into the Logistic Processes
  • Configure the logistics , Inventory & procurement process in ERP including modules such as Inventory , Purchase , Order Management Etc.. 
  • Build a complete end to end, integrated supply chain solution in the ERP software.
  • Able to display end to end integration knowledge of the Supply Chain process
  • The skills required to be a ERP Solution Architect
  • Prepare for SAP Logistic interviews

This course is currently Priced at just 70 $ / Hour for Personalised One-to-One Training & for the public Batch at 490 $ / student. For corporate enquires , Contact us : +974 66230468

Course Curriculum

Course Introduction
Trainer Introduction 00:00:00
Overview on ERP applications and Supply Chain Management 00:00:00
Enterprise Architecture of ERP Business Suite 00:00:00
ERP Application overview for managing SCM
Identify the components that comprise an oracle application system 00:00:00
Navigation through the ERP Application 00:00:00
Explain basic application integration 00:00:00
Identify Entities that are shared between multiple application 00:00:00
Explain different application version & database versions 00:00:00
Multi org structure and explanation of sample org 00:00:00
Overview on P2P and O2C cycles 00:00:00
Inventory Module
Understanding Inventory Organisations 00:00:00
Define and Maintaining Items, overview 00:00:00
Inventory Controls, Concepts like Sub Inv, Locator, Lot, Serial 00:00:00
Transaction Setup 00:00:00
Issuing and Transferring Material Transaction flows 00:00:00
Replenishing Inventory, Concepts 00:00:00
Replenishing Inventory fundamentals. 00:00:00
Inventory Counting ABC, Cycle Count, Physical Inventory 00:00:00
Inventory Accuracy, adjustments and Accounting’s 00:00:00
Purchasing Module
Procure To Pay Life cycle Overview 00:00:00
P2P process Integrations and Interfaces 00:00:00
Supplier setup 00:00:00
Locations, Organizations, Units of Measure and Items 00:00:00
RFQs and Quotations set 00:00:00
Approved Supplier Lists and Sourcing Rules 00:00:00
Requisitions lifecycles, worflow 00:00:00
Purchase Orders types, workflow and reports 00:00:00
Automatic Document Creation 00:00:00
Document Security, Routing and Approval 00:00:00
Purchasing Accounting 00:00:00
Purchasing Administration 00:00:00
Purchasing Setup Steps 00:00:00
Order Management Fundamentals
Order to Cash Lifecycle Overview 00:00:00
Order Management Multiple fulfilment models 00:00:00
Inventory Organizations and Items 00:00:00
Enter Orders and key setups 00:00:00
Elements Manage Parties and Customer Accounts 00:00:00
Credit Management 00:00:00
Order Inquiry 00:00:00
Overview of Pricing and Advance pricing concepts 00:00:00
Pricing Attributes, Formulas, Modifier and Qualifier 00:00:00
Oracle Shipping Execution 00:00:00
Other Key setups 00:00:00
Key value additions
Practical Lab & working with the SCAM flow 00:00:00
Dealing with ERP through Metalink 00:00:00
Exposure to End-to-End implementation 00:00:00
AIM/OUM Methodologies 00:00:00
Certification Assistance 00:00:00
Overview on Advanced Procurement modules 00:00:00

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