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PMP - Fast Track Course | Refresher Training

4.5( 20 REVIEWS )

This course aims at getting the professionals who have already completed the online training or physical classroom training beforehand and looking to brush up on the key concepts for preparing for the exam. Allows the students to interact with the trainer at the completion of the course answering all your Key questions and doubts.

This course lasts for 2 days (Only on Saturday) each session lasting for 6 hours. The counsellor will compile a performance report at the end of the session & completion of the QUIZ on TEAM ACADEMY LMS Portal along with the course completion certification, this will include SWOT analysis for the learner and recommendations for exam preparation.

This course will be instructed by a PMP Certified professional with over 17+ years of experience in training, IT, Construction, Business Governance, and other industries.

A brief overview of the course is explained in the first preview chapter.

PMP Course Key Features

  1. 12 contact hours/PDUs
  2. Repeated access to the LMS portalfor PMP Exam Simulator which usually costs around 149 $ in the market comes free of cost (Based on individual knowledge areas and chapters)
  3. Assignments on 6 industry case studies with scenario-based approach.
  4. Score card evaluation to do SWOT analysis for the learner.
  5. Unlimited access to recorded session of the online classroom training.
  6. Personalised counselling on exam preparation strategy to ensure success on the first attempt.
  7. PMP Exam Application assistance
  8. Coverage on all tools and techniques using best in class Infographics and slides.
  9. Exam preparation materials, Slides and Flash cards worth 129 $provided free of cost.
  10. Lifetime membership & Access to TEAM opportunity exchange portal & TEAM resource central

Course Curriculum

About the Instructor
PMI & PMP Certification Details
About PMI and Certifications offered by PMI 00:00:00
PMP Exam Eligibility Criteria 00:00:00
How to take PMP exam onlin at your office or at home : New for 2020 due to Covid 19 Impact 00:00:00
PMP Exam Breakdown of questions by Process groups 00:00:00
Tips & Tricks for passing the exam 00:00:00
Exam Preparation strategy 00:00:00
Maintaining the PMP Certification 00:00:00
Introduction to Project Management
What is a project? 00:00:00
What is Project Management 00:00:00
Project & business value 00:00:00
Operations Management 00:00:00
Portfolio Management 00:00:00
Program Management 00:00:00
Project Lifecycle 00:00:00
Relationship between operations , project , program , portfolio and strategic objectives 00:00:00
Project Life Cycle 00:00:00
Agile Life cycle , Predictive life cyle and Hybrid life cycle 00:00:00
Process groups 00:00:00
Project Governance framework -OPM3 00:00:00
Project Stakeholders 00:00:00
Environment in which the project operates
Organisation culture , Styles , Values and Beliefs 00:00:00
Chapter 2 – EEF & OPA | Video Tutorial & Slides 02:02:00
Organisation process assets 00:00:00
Organisation structure 00:00:00
Project Management Office 00:00:00
Roles of the Project Manager
Competency required for a project manager 00:00:00
Leadership Vs Management 00:00:00
Project Manager Sphere of Influence 00:00:00
Project Manager & PMI Talent Trianagle 00:00:00
Integration at the Cognitive , Context and Complexity Level 00:00:00
Project Integration Management
Chapter 4 – Integration Management – Video & Slides 02:38:00
What Is A Project Charter? Why Is It So Important? 00:00:00
Develop Project Charter Process | ITTO 00:00:00
Business Case Components & Capital Budgeting Techniques 00:00:00
Develop Project Management Plan | ITTO 00:00:00
Performance Measurement Baseline 00:00:00
Change Management Plan 00:00:00
Configuration Management Plan 00:00:00
Strategic Planning To Manage the Project 00:00:00
What are the components Project Documents? 00:00:00
What is a Project Baseline ? 00:00:00
Direct & Manage Project Work | ITTO 00:00:00
Work Performance Information 00:00:00
Manage Project Knowledge | ITTO 00:00:00
Monitor & Control Project Work | ITTO 00:00:00
Perform Integrated Change Control | ITTO 00:00:00
Change Control Board & Its Importance 00:00:00
Close Project Or Phase | ITTO 00:00:00
Agile Considerations 00:00:00
Project Scope Management
Chapter 5 – Scope Management | Video Tutorial & Slides 02:40:00
Plan Scope Management | ITTO 00:00:00
Collect Requirements | ITTO 00:00:00
Dealing with Competing Requirements & Balancing Them 00:00:00
Requirement Documents & Traceability Matrix 00:00:00
Define Scope | ITTO 00:00:00
Scope Statement Considerations & Best Practices 00:00:00
Create WBS | ITTO 00:00:00
Components of A WBS Dictionary 00:00:00
Validate Scope | ITTO 00:00:00
Deliverable Processing Stages 00:00:00
Control Scope | ITTO 00:00:00
Agile Considerations 00:00:00
Project Schedule Management
Chapter 6 – Schedule Management | Video Tutorial & Slides 02:00:00
Plan Schedule Management | ITTO 00:00:00
Define Activities | ITTO 00:00:00
Sequence Activities | ITTO 00:00:00
Estimate Activity Duration | ITTO 00:00:00
Estimation Techniques 00:00:00
Develop Schedule | ITTO 00:00:00
Critical Path Method 00:00:00
Schedule Compression 00:00:00
Resource Optimisation 00:00:00
Control Schedule | ITTO 00:00:00
Project Cost Management
Chapter 7 – Cost Management | Video Tutorial & Slides 01:40:00
Plan Cost Management | ITTO 00:00:00
Estimate Costs | ITTO 00:00:00
Estimation Techniques 00:00:00
Determine Budget | ITTO 00:00:00
Control Costs | ITTO 00:00:00
Earned Value Analysis | Acronyms, Terms & Formulas 00:00:00
Earned Value Analysis | EVM In Deep 00:00:00
Agile Considerations 00:00:00
Project Quality Management
Chapter 8 – Quality Management | Video Tutorial & Slides 01:15:00
Plan Quality Management | ITTO 00:00:00
Quality Theory in Detail 00:00:00
Manage Quality | ITTO 00:00:00
Auditing Techniques 00:00:00
Control Quality | ITTO 00:00:00
Quality Control – Seven Basic Tools 00:00:00
Project Resource Management
Chapter 9 – Resource Management | Video Tutorial & Slides 01:29:00
Plan Resource Management | ITTO 00:00:00
Organizational Theories 00:00:00
Estimate Activity Resources | ITTO 00:00:00
Acquire Resources | ITTO 00:00:00
Develop Team | ITTO 00:00:00
Manage Team | ITTO 00:00:00
Conflict Management 00:00:00
Control Resources | ITTO 00:00:00
Project Communications Management
Chapter 10 – Project Communication Management | Video Tutorial & Slides 01:50:00
Plan Communications Management | ITTO 00:00:00
Communication Methods 00:00:00
Communication Models 00:00:00
Communication Channels 00:00:00
Manage Communications | ITTO 00:00:00
Monitor Communications | ITTO 00:00:00
Agile Considerations 00:00:00
Tailoring Communications Management 00:00:00
Project Risk Management
Chapter 11 – Risk Management | Video Tutorial & Slides 02:00:00
Risk Management | Terms to Know 00:00:00
Plan Risk Management | ITTO 00:00:00
Detailed Overview on Risk Register 00:00:00
Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis | ITTO 00:00:00
Probability & Impact Matrix 00:00:00
Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis | ITTO 00:00:00
Expected Monetary Value Analysis 00:00:00
Decision Tree Analysis 00:00:00
Plan Risk Responses | ITTO 00:00:00
Strategies for Opportunities & Threats 00:00:00
Implement Risk Responses | ITTO 00:00:00
Identify Risks | ITTO 00:00:00
Project Procurement Management
Chapter 12 – Procurement Management | Video Tutorial & Slides 02:00:00
Procurement Organisation Structure 00:00:00
Roles of The Project And Procurement Managers 00:00:00
Plan Procurement Management | ITTO 00:00:00
Contract Types 00:00:00
Risks According to The Contract Types 00:00:00
Make or Buy Analysis 00:00:00
Conduct Procurements | ITTO 00:00:00
Control Procurements | ITTO 00:00:00
Project Stakeholder Management
Chapter 13 – Stakeholder Management | Video Tutorial & Slides 00:41:00
Identify Stakeholders | ITTO 00:00:00
Stakeholder Classification Models 00:00:00
Plan Stakeholder Engagement | ITTO 00:00:00
Manage Stakeholder Engagement | ITTO 00:00:00
Monitor Stakeholder Engagement | ITTO 00:00:00
Professional Ethics & Social Responsibility
Honesty, Responsibility, Respect and Fairness 00:00:00
Exam Preparation Strategy
LMS Score Card 00:00:00
Exam Preparation Plan & Templates 00:00:00
PMP Exam Application Process
Step by Step Process for PMP Exam Application processing & Auditing questions 00:00:00
Certificate of Completion
Obtain Course Completion Certificate & 35 PDUs 00:00:00

Course Reviews


20 ratings
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  • 4 stars8
  • 3 stars1
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  1. Best in Market


    The course has been very informative and really helpful. I feel more prepared and confident in getting my concepts right bang on post these sessions.

  2. Great Teaching


    Excellent match….!

  3. Perfect Course


    It has been a great experience so far.

  4. Highly recommended


    Very well structured covering Just about everything I need!!

  5. Fulfill the Expectations


    Met my expectations; easy to follow

  6. Best


    It’s great place to learn

  7. Affordable


    The content looks good tho. And sooooo affordable ??

  8. Great Teaching


    So far so good! Only on Section 2

  9. Really nice


    So far yes the course material is in line with what I already know about project management

  10. Worthy


    yes so far! it helped to recollect the basics. thankyou

  11. Fully worthy course


    Course content was overall good and informative, same topics were covered over and over again, looks like it’s required as part of each section to be mentioned.

    Very good price for the content, the downloadable material was great especially the one-pagers.

    Could have been better if more illustrative and participative examples were included like a template of how risk register looks like.

    Tips on how to plan and prepare for the exam would have been a bonus.

  12. highly Recommended


    Course access was very convenient, well laid out and flexible across platforms making the learning, study, reference and quiz/test process easy to integrate into my lifestyle.

    So far, so good.

    We’ll know how good the course was in prepping me for the PMP Exam..

  13. Wonderful


    I am very glad to pursue this course through Team Academy. I recently passed my PMP Certification exam. Looking forward for courses of PMP CCRS certification. Thanks.

  14. Highly recommended


    Great for receiving this course, and a good start for preparing for the PMP exam. [Update: Passed the PMP exam – Thanks Team Acadmey!!!]

  15. Just wow


    This course complements the PMBOK well and is well worth taking. Although there are good examples that help explain the concepts I would like to see more examples.

  16. Highly recommended


    I am studying for my PMP. I have completed this course several months ago with another company; I have been studying now for a total of 4 months. Taking this course was just a reiteration of testing my knowledge of what I’ve learned. This is a great course to take to learn about PMP or using it as a reinforcement tool. I highly recommend this course!

  17. Great Teaching


    Great teachings

    This course put the fundamentals to get knowledge of the matter.

    Thanks for the striving to collect these info so useful!!

  18. Best in the market


    This course was very educational and goes in depth of the project management knowledge areas. They only downside to this is that there isn’t much hands on experience to gain other than the multiple choice quizzes they provide.

  19. Wonderful purchase


    Easy self paced learning and great knowledge is gained as all instructors are well versed with Project management specific knowledge areas. Use of multiple instructors was gives a real class room like virtual environment.

    Great presentation!!!

  20. Very Good


    I like this course and it is so good to take this course and Team Academy provides affordable content but

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