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Oracle Primavera V19

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Learn Primavera P6 latest 19.12 and Tutorial-Practical Training in a live software with a real time case studies & example.

TEAM ACADEMY offers professional training on Primavera P6 V29 for Professionals in project management planning and governance field. This course is suitable for people engaged in project management governance including the project manager and the project management team.

At the end of this course , learners will gain demonstrated experience in managing project schedules , creating baselines , updating progress , loading cost , perform resource optimisation & preparing dashboards directly from the software.

Primavera has a huge demand in the project management industry and on a an average a primavera expert earns around 4000 to 6000 $ per month.With the credential obtained from TEAM ACADEMY , the learner will have a cutting edge qualification to apply & seek for a job in the project management domain.

Call our course counsellor for more details on the subject areas and how exactly this certification can help you foster your carrier , we are offering this course through all our delivery channels , we have a regular online classroom schedule every month to ensure that the learners can quickly grasp the concepts be able to apply in the technical project management field.


Course Curriculum

Introduction to Oracle Primavera Project Management
About Oracle Primavera V 19 Desktop Version Details 00:00:00
About Primavera Enterprise Project Program Management Details 00:00:00
Overview about primavera project management Details 00:00:00
Administrative Settings
How to Download , Install & Configure Primavera Desktop Version Details 00:00:00
Currency Settings Details 00:00:00
Default software settings & how to make changes Details 00:00:00
Enterprise Settings
How to set up Enterprise Project Structure Details 00:00:00
Setting up Organisation Breakdown Structure Details 00:00:00
Setting up Global Calendars Details 00:00:00
Setting up Financial Periods Details 00:00:00
Setting up Global Codes for Projects , Resources & Activities Details 00:00:00
Set up Funding Source , Baseline types & WBS Categories Details 00:00:00
Miscellaneous Enterprise settings in Primavera Details 00:00:00
Create Project & WBS
Creating a new project Details 00:00:00
Create a new project from the template Details 00:00:00
Set up project fields Details 00:00:00
Create WBS and configure settings Details 00:00:00
Set up WBS Attributes Details 00:00:00
Working with Activities in primavera
Create Activities & activity attributes in primavera Details 00:00:00
Create Logical relationship in Primavera Details 00:00:00
Assign activity codes Details 00:00:00
Using Sort , Group By and Filter options in Activity layout Details 00:00:00
Working with different layouts in primavera and configure custom layouts Details 00:00:00
Customise gantts chart in primavera Details 00:00:00
View critical path on the schedule and optimise the schedule as required. Details 00:00:00
Working with scheduling models – Progress override Vs Retained logic Vs Actual dates Details 00:00:00
Working with resources
Create resources from OBS and define a RBS structure for the project Details 00:00:00
Configure resource codes , cost , max time , overtime rates & other attributes Details 00:00:00
Assign resource codes , Use filter , group by and sort options Details 00:00:00
Perform resource assingments Details 00:00:00
Resource optimization techniques – Perform resource levelling & smoothing – View resource over allocation. Details 00:00:00
Resource Assignment & loading – Review cost Details 00:00:00
Activity costing & establishing project budget and baselines
Add cost related fields on activities , WBS and Project Details 00:00:00

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