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French Spoken in 20 Days

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Learn Basic Spoken French in Just 20 Days

French Spoken language programs are intended to contribute to the development of the knowledge, skills, and attitudes described in the Essential Graduation Earnings.

French Spoken Language Programs are designed to enable all students to:

  • Communicate effectively in French using the listening, speaking, viewing, reading, and writing modes (communication)
  • Demonstrate a better understanding of their own and others’ cultural heritage and identity with particular emphasis on “French-speaking communities” (citizenship)
  • Demonstrate preparedness for further learning, particularly where French is the language of instruction (personal development)
  • Work and learn purposefully, both independently and in groups (personal development)
  • Express their ideas and feelings using various art forms (aesthetic expression)
  • Locate, evaluate, adapt, create, and share information using a variety of sources and technologies (technological competence)

French Course taught by an expert of charged at just 20 $ per hour. Minimum booking for 10 hours and in multiple of 1 hour thereof.

Course Curriculum

An introduction to the cultures of France
The city of lights, learning about important days celebrated with pride 00:00:00
Important cities, mountains, rivers and delicacies appreciated by all- basic culture for beginners 00:00:00
Important greetings/salutations to use during formal situations and among friends 00:00:00
How to introduce oneself to a new person 00:00:00
The French Basics
Learning Numbers from 1-20 00:00:00
Learning the names of day to day objects used by all 00:00:00
Learning the difference between definite and indefinite articles used to denote an object’s gender and quantity. 00:00:00
Second Week : French Basics
Learning numbers from 20-50 00:00:00
Learning common adjectives and colors 00:00:00
Learning how to interrogate 00:00:00
French : Intermediate terms and learning
Days of the week 00:00:00
Months of the year 00:00:00
Seasons of the year 00:00:00
Numbers 50-80 00:00:00
Grammar; Avoir and Etre, important prepositions 00:00:00
Conjugation of ‘ER’ verbs in present tense 00:00:00
Translation- English to French 00:00:00
Posing questions from the sentences given 00:00:00
Conjugation of ‘IR’ verbs in present tense 00:00:00
Demonstrative adjectives 00:00:00
Possessive adjectives 00:00:00
Understanding different nations and nationalities 00:00:00
Translation- French to English 00:00:00
Verbs conjugated in future tense 00:00:00
Assignment : Lets talk basic words in french

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  • $40.00 $20.00
  • 10 Days
  • 10 SEATS

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