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Business Process engineering

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TEAM ACADEMY Proudly presents this short course on Business Process engineering for those individuals working within a corporation that are looking for some structure that may assist them when given the unenviable task of “Re-Engineering” the corporation’s business processes and information systems in an effort to follow new directional and operational strategies developed by the corporation’s leadership body.

The goals of this course are to provide a structural framework to approaching this Business Process Re-Engineering effort, to provide insights as to how best to complete the work that needs to be done to ensure that what is created is fully aligned on completion with the directional strategies of the corporate leadership team, and to provide a road map for the tasks that need to be completed in order to achieve the actual implementation of the new processes and supporting information systems.

From the point that this methodology ends, operational departments of the corporation should more easily be able to package the defined out-putting tasks to be completed into actual development projects that will implement the changes required.

This methodology also pays respect to and incorporates the frequently changing dynamics of process within corporations due to the rapidity with which current technological innovations are pushing change, forcing new operational directions and value chain re-definitions.

  • Understand a top down methodology for redesigning business and systems processes
  • Have at hand a usable toolkit for delivering process improvement projects in a corporation
  • Have the tools and knowledge to be able to facilitate process improvement projects
  • Understand how to deliver a “Conference Room Pilot” project

Course Curriculum

A Macro View of Business Process Design
Introduction to Business Process Design 00:00:00
Thoughts on Business Process Design / Re-Engineering 00:00:00
Architecting for Competitive Advantage – The Problem 00:00:00
Architecting for Competitive Advantage – The Solution 00:00:00
Architecting for Competitive Advantage – Concluding Comments 00:00:00
Building Business Cases 00:00:00
Methodology Overview
Define Level 1 Summary Business Processes 00:00:00
Define Level 2 Process Flows 00:00:00
Develop Level 2 Process Flows and Document 00:00:00
Develop Level 3 Process Flows and Map to Systems Applications 00:00:00
Verify Application Mappings 00:00:00
Performance Measures and Reports 00:00:00
Interface Definitions 00:00:00
Perform Systems Scenario “Application” Gap Analysis 00:00:00
Develop Physical Implementation Strategy 00:00:00
Develop Final Deliverable 00:00:00
Approval Workflow and Process 00:00:00
Business Process Re-Engineering - Tools , Techniques & Templates
Process Model Example 00:00:00
Business Process Definition 00:00:00
Process Checklist 00:00:00
Report Questionaire 00:00:00
Form Questionaire 00:00:00
Interface Questionaire 00:00:00
Workflow Questionaire 00:00:00
Systems Scenario Listing / Mapping 00:00:00
Roles / Skills Checklist 00:00:00
Performance Measures and Reports 00:00:00
Interface Definition Template 00:00:00
Information Architecture Template 00:00:00
Functional and Workflow Specification 00:00:00
MS-VISIO Overview and usage for Process engineering.

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