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Business Intelligence & Analytics Framework

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This Course aims to give a full coverage for PMs , Business Analyst , Executives and Implementation engineers a good idea on how to approach towards data governance and empower information intelligence within the organization and be able to seamlessly get data and interpret information through automated process.

Learning the functions of BI tools, how to extract, clean and load data into a corporate data warehouse system are highly required skills for data analysis field.

You will learn a simple technique that save you a lot of time and help to avoid many possible errors during the ETL process.

This course is designed to be more practical by putting your hands on real projects with diverse business scenarios to learn by practice.  Learning via practice is the best way to get knowledge stuck in your mind because it is similar to acquire experience through work.

You will learn the basic principles and elements of Business Intelligence and how to apply it to achieve sustainable and profitable business growth. By the end of the course, you will be able to build the fundamental architecture for functioning business intelligence systems with the support of data-mining & data-warehousing applications. You will have the knowledge you need to develop and launch a BI project – turning the flood of data into actionable information that helps your business succeed.

Finally, you will discover how the applications and technologies join forces to access, analyze, and offer data that you can use to make better business decisions, improve your products, satisfy customers, overcome competitors, and more.


What you will learn

  • Understand the basic principles and elements of Business Intelligence
  • Learn how Business Intelligence leads to sustainable and profitable growth
  • Learn about typical BI Project Lifecycle
  • Learn about end-to-end BI Architecture
  • Learn about different career tracks in a BI Architecture
  • Learn about different tools / technologies available in the industry that are used to specific layers of BI Architecture
  • Learn how organizations use Business Intelligence systems
  • Understand the concepts of Business Intelligence Data warehousing
  • Get to know what ETL Concepts is
  • The Basics – Data warehouse Concepts
  • Learn what is data warehousing and how to utilize it
  • Understand the Business Intelligence process
  • Learn BI and Data Mining applications
  • Discover Data Mining tools, methods, and techniques
  • Learn Data Analysis
  • Discover best practices and pragmatic approaches

Course Curriculum

Introduction to Data Governance , Data warehouse , BA & BI frameworks.
Overview – Data warehouse & BI framework Concepts course 00:00:00
Master Data Governance Concepts, Step by Step from Scratch 00:00:00
What is a Data Warehouse & Business intelligence? 00:00:00
Why BI tools & Data Warehouse is implemented? 00:00:00
Data Governance Tools & Business Architecture
Define BI process life cycle and map with business architecture and functions – Asses the need 00:00:00
Components , Tools , Techniques & strategies used for Data governance 00:00:00
Data Warehouse tools : a deep dive 00:00:00
Middle ware tools for data extraction : a deep dive 00:00:00
Choosing the right tool for Database storage and governance 00:00:00
Big data tools : general concepts and overview 00:00:00
Choosing the right Business intelligence tool for your organization : a deep dive 00:00:00
BI & BA framework concepts : Deep dive
Functions , Features and Usage of Datawarehouse systems 00:00:00
What is a Data Mart? 00:00:00
Characteristics, Advantages & Disadvantages of a Data Mart 00:00:00
Enterprise Architecture in business intelligence – Strategies for data consolidation. 00:00:00
Federated Data Warehouse Architecture 00:00:00
What is Data Modeling? 00:00:00
Defining Business Intelligence and Data Mining 00:00:00
Business Intelligence and Data Mining Applications 00:00:00
ETL process overview
Deep dive on functional strategies used for data extraction 00:00:00
Deep Dive on functional strategies used for Data loading 00:00:00
Deep dive on functional strategies used for data transformation 00:00:00
Develop dashboard strategies for right implementation
BI Data gathering & requirements on information processing and presentation 00:00:00
Define Scope statement on dashboard development startegy 00:00:00
Desing strategies and implementing dashboards 00:00:00
Schedule periodic updates and connect with relevant source updates – Synch data architecture from bottom up. 00:00:00
Manage changes to dashboard design and architecture 00:00:00
Course Conclusion : Opportunities in BI , BA & Data Governance fields
Trends and Emerging practice in Data intelligence : Machine Learning , Predictive analysis

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